• Teachers pick the curriculum.

    Kids pick the games.

    Everybody wins.

    Every single quiz can be played in any one of our games, so kids can stick with their favorites while covering the latest material from class.
  • Stop the endless homework battles.

    Imagine a world in which your kids ASK for homework assignments.
    Wacky Kid Games will change the way both you and your kids look at homework.
  • Personalize your curriculum.

    Can't find what you're looking for in our hundreds of built-in quizzes?
    No problem! Quickly and easily create your own quizzes, and let your students play them in any of our exciting games.
Exclusive Games

Our games are exclusive to Wacky Kid Games and have been specially designed to be easy enough for Kindergarteners but with enough depth to keep 6th graders begging to play just one more round.

A Safe Place to Learn

We firmly believe a site is only as safe as its least appropriate link. That's why we have no external links, pop-ups, or ads anywhere in the Kids' interface.


Every penny counts, and you'll find the price of a subscription to Wacky Kid Games to be a wise investment in your kids that pays off dividends well into the future.

Homework Your Kids will be Begging to Do

A Unique System for Teachers' Unique Needs

Wacky Kid Games uses a custom-designed game engine that combines the quiz material you select into the games that your students select, allowing you to control what the students review while they control the games they play.

As the teacher, you have access to our growing library of over 550 quizzes, covering a broad range of topics from Kindergarten through 6th grade. You can filter by grade level and search by keyword to quickly find the exact quiz you need.

You can also choose from a wide variety of question types and enter your own questions to create your own custom quizzes. Plus, you can easily share your quizzes with the rest of your school for other teachers to use in their classrooms.

Personalized Assignments

You can assign a quiz to your entire class, a handful of students, or one particular student, allowing you to quickly and easily assign more challenging work to some students while reinforcing particular concepts to others.

Automatic Grading

When clicking on an assignment, each student is allowed to choose from our library of exclusive games. The chosen game is merged with the content of your assignment, and each question is automatically graded and stored as it is answered.

Rewards-based Gameplay

With every correct answer, the student will earn something to use in the reward game. Whether it's a skeeball, a paper airplane, a marble, or extra time, the more the student earns, the longer she will be able to play!

Latest Games

  • "Wacky Kids has turned a regular learning principle into a "fun" challenge. My students love working towards their trophies while accomplishing something I want them to do. I especially love how we can create our own tests for whatever specific thing we are learning."

    Julie Brenton, 5th grade teacher at American Christian Academy
  • "Wacky Kid Games is a blessing to the Christian education profession! The games are not only educational, but fun and motivating as well. Wacky Kid Games provides a safe non-threatening atmosphere for students who struggle as well as students who are academically successful by providing learning opportunities while having fun at the same time. This is homework your child will LOVE to do!"

    Sheila Langford, 6th grade teacher at Excel Christian Academy
  • "Our son, Nickolas, had the opportunity to first experience Wacky Kids Games in school in 5th grade. Wacky was used as a studying tool for multiple subjects. Wacky was very user friendly, and Nickolas looked forward to studying. Wacky not only enabled him to learn the information for the test, but also gave him a reward which allowed him to play a game and win a trophy. Best of all, our son was successful in receiving great test scores. We would highly recommend Wacky Kids Games to every class in a school. Thanks Wacky!"

    The Bowkers, parents of a 6th grader


Wacky Kid Games is an educational game site, with reinforcement and enrichment games covering curriculum from Kindergarten through 6th Grade.

We designed Wacky Kid Games from the ground up to provide a fun, encouraging, and rewarding way for kids to study and for teachers to monitor their students' understanding and progress.

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